The Energy and Environmental Management Group

The Energy and Environmental Management Group has at its disposal over twenty-five years of experience in renewable energy and operates at the leading edge for an energy efficient environment in the commercial, industrial and domestic markets. The companies major activities are in the design, specification, supply and installation of state of the art Solar and Renewable Energy Systems.

The Energy and Environmental Management Group also provide training and development programmes designed to enable a better understanding and knowledge of the energy dynamics.

Renewable energy sources that do not impact adversely on the environment or require that our children pay the cost of today's world energy consumption, are at the forefront of global government strategy.

The Energy and Environmental Management Group fully supports these initiatives and can offer it's clients:-

• Design and Installation of Renewable Energy Systems
• Product advice, sourcing and installation management
• Surveys, Reports - Recommendations and Feasibility Studies
• Energy and Environmental - Cost Benefit and Risk Analysis
• Training and Development Programmes
• Energy & Facilities Management and Consultancy

Visit the SOLARSAVER House to find out how to reap the benefits of solar power. Get FREE hot water for your home and business. You can even heat your swimming pool, as a recent Solar Energy System installation at The Royal House, Windsor Castle demonstrates. The Solar Energy Kit, utilises state of the art thermal vacuum technology to convert solar energy into hot water, whatever your application and volume requirements.


The Energy and Environmental Management Group keep appraised of all developments in the field of solar and renewable energy systems and the environment. They will inform their clients of the commercial viability of new products that are brought onto the market.


The Energy and Environmental Management Group can instigate the design, development, building and erection of wind turbines to suit most needs. Members of our organisation have had experience in wind turbine research since 1975 and consult to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets.


We are happy to advise both the business user and the domestic user about the benefits of solar and renewable energy systems and the significant reduction in energy costs that may be achieved. The services offered by SOLARSAVER include the sale, design and installation of Renewable Energy Efficient Systems, surveys, reports and recommendations, cost benefits and risk analysis, as well as training and development courses.


A brief introduction to our Company can be found at the top of this page. We hope you find that the information contained within this website will stimulate you to take immediate action and it gives you the support and inspiration to apply that which is necessary to build a visionary and lasting commitment to helping the environment.


Should you wish further information about our products and services, you will find our full contact details together with a helpful enquiry form, are available on this website. We welcome all enquiries, whether by telephone, by fax, by e-mail or in writing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Solarsaver supply and install wind energy systems, windturbines, solar water heating systems, solar panels, sunpipes, suncatchers, windcatchers and energy saving LED products e.g. garden lights, solar garden lights, boat lights, street lights, solar street lights, village welcome lights, solar traffic lights, torches and many more applications; namely wind turbines (800W, 1.4kW, 5.8kW, 7.5kW, 10kW, 12.5kW, 15kW, 17.5kW, 20kW, 30kW etc.), also solar panels (pv photovoltaic). Suitable for remote power, off grid, independent energy and grid connected. Wind energy is sustainable, renewable, green energy. Wind Turbines can be used with battery backup using a battery bank or with solar pv panels or diesel generator or a combination of any or all. Solarsaver are based in Sleaford in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK (United Kingdom) looking after the domestic, industrial and commercial market of both UK,Europe,Middle East,Africa and Worldwide. If you are a domestic, industrial or commercial customer or from further a field we are here to help. Whether for home energy, commercial or industrial, remote power or grid connected, the Solarsaver wind turbines could be suitable for you. Contact via e-mail, phone or fax. Solarsaver will be available to help, advise or answer general queries about renewable energy. If you are interested in a turbine or turbines, heat pumps, solar for heating water, photovoltaics for renewable energy supply contact Solarsaver. Wind turbines available are Fortis, Marlec. Solar for heating water is Magpie Technologies - SolarUK, EcoSolar, Cleardomesolar,Linuo. Photovoltaics are DegerEnergie,Sunwize,Dunasolar. Heat Pumps are Allmegavc.Natural lighting is Monodraught, Sunpipe.Non-chemical water treatment by Safewater and Lakos. Small solar products by Solar3000,Solar Kingdom,Ssinostar,Chinaopeng,Shisy.sosoo.Solarsaver supply and install the leading, most cost effective renewable energy systems available.